Performance and pleasure in the palm of the hand (whether you're a righty or a lefty). BlewIt's ergonomic design and rubberized coating create a comfortable, non-slip grip for hands of all sizes. BlewIt's cap puts control at the user's fingertips – flipping it closed creates a vacuum-like suction, which means the intensity of the sensation can be controlled. The ventilation dock makes cleaning and drying simple and convenient while the luscious skin-soft interior provides the proper sensation and tension for mind-blowing pleasure.

Blewit Men's Pleasure & Performance Masturbator

SKU: D8899-01
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  • DISCREET SHAPE - We've heard everything from bluetooth speaker, air freshener, shampoo bottle and humidifier... but never a masturbator! ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The twisted octagon shape creates a universal fit for both left and right-handed users and hands of all sizes. NON-SLIP GRIP - We added a rubberized texture that makes it perfect for using in the shower and won't slip out of your hands! QUICK-FLIP SUCTION CONTROL - Our patent-pending ventilation system along with several silicone rings creates a true air-tight suction. EASY-CLEAN UP - The same ventilation system and non-removable sleeve makes it incredibly easy to clean, just run warm water with the top cap off until thoroughly rinsed. DRYING DOCK - Drying is also super easy and discreet with the drying dock which has ventilation holes and feet to allow constant airflow for drying while being stored.